JITSKE KRAMER & Dealing with significant changes.

About the opportunities and dangers of liminality, the uncertain meantime.

A lecture that explores the transitional space that arises when going through major changes. Anthropologists refer to this as liminality, a period in which you have left something behind while the new situation has not yet fully manifested and taken shape. Significant changes always involve a transition period, an ambiguous in-between space, an emotional transitional phase. This dynamic can be observed in everyone’s personal life, in groups, and in societies as a whole. Liminality presents incredible opportunities to reshape life, but it also carries several serious dangers. Change is inherent in every era, and so is liminality. Liminality entails chaos, but also universal patterns. We can learn a a lot from what we already know in order to navigate the uncertainty and tensions of transitional spaces within ourselves, organizations, and society.

Jitske is currently working on her new book. We will soon be able to share more about it. Knowing Jitske, this will be accompanied by a unique lecture. Spoiler alert: it relates to significant changes. Stay tuned!”

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