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A special keynote on Inclusive Collaboration. About how you can make diversity work for you.

Diversity is about the mix of differences. Inclusion on how we make the mix work. The leading question in these dynamics is: who determines what is normal? A talk about how much diversity we can and should handle. About what it requires from leaders to improve levels of inclusion and diversity. Inclusion means dealing with differences, strangers, emotions and conflict, scarcity and privilege, inclusion and exclusion, power and powerlessness. It is challenging to jointly create an environment of belonging and equity where everybody gets to participate, regardless of their ethnic background, skin color, religion, social class, level of education, sexual orientation or gender.

In a light-hearted way, Jitske speaks about heavy themes. She makes you think. About the eight inclusion principles with the Jam Circle as a practical handle. You come out different than you went in. Jamming together, with strong connections.

‘Join the Jam. How much diversity can you handle?’

Do not expect a standard keynote, but a unique experience

A performance with music, stories, spoken word, compact theory and visual graphics. In Jam Cultures, everyone dares to make their own voice heard, and to listen to those of others, in order to create a better whole together, in constant harmonization. Inclusion in a jam session, where you come together with courage and connection. At the core, inclusion is about who is allowed to participate in what, who is allowed to contribute input on which topics and who is allowed a say in decision-making. And who are not. And with that, inclusion is about people, boundaries, leadership, power, privileges, conflicts, differences and similarities. It is about working together with differences. You could also call it agile leadership. Hard and soft at the same time.  

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So HOW do we work together in an inclusive way?

Dealing with differences can be a major challenge. How do you communicate with that one colleague who’s very different, with that department with a very different way of holding meetings, with that one network partner who digs their heels into rules and procedures while you… Diversity is about the mix of differences. Inclusion is about how we handle this mix.

In this keynote, you will be given the tools to enhance inclusion in your team, department, or organization. We use the Jam Circle as the method for ‘HOW can we work together in an inclusive way’, along with the eight inclusion principles as focus areas for ‘WHAT we do, and what to look out for’. You can download the list of principles here. As needed, Jitske also covers the ‘WHY do we have to consider diversity and inclusion’ in our organization. Within a short time, those are a lot of theoretical insights that raise personal questions.

Jam Cultures provides light-hearted language for discussing heavy topics. With practical tips for more inclusive skills. With many stories, anthropological knowledge, practical examples and the universal language of music. With the Jam Circle as a guideline, to learn to jam with differences. With a set of tough questions to think about and discuss with colleagues. More inclusion, so that working together becomes wildly attractive to everyone.

Inclusion and diversity? We’re not there yet.

You work at an organization where people are not yet convinced of the value and necessity of diversity or inclusion. These are not commonly used words. Sometimes, they spark resistance. In that case, Jitske combines the keynotes Building Tribes, Jam Cultures and a bit of Deep Democracy. With an explanation of how cultures are shaped through interaction and decision-making. About the difference between autocratic and directive leadership and shared and inclusive leadership. We discuss how to create an inclusive culture, but use a different language than in the Jam Cultures keynote.

You use terms like: agile, anticipate rapid changes, network partners, decision-making at a lower level, self-management, shared leadership, innovation-driven….

All words that refer to ways of working together in which properly dealing with diversity is essential. In that case, Jitske approaches the theme of diversity and inclusion with the language of Building Tribes, with the Tribes and Decision-making keynote. Here, Jitske speaks about ‘creating strong tribes, safe for diversity, ready for change’.” Strong tribes properly and honestly determine who is allowed to participate and have a say. In this keynote, Jitske explains how cultures and tribes are shaped through interaction and decision-making. How important it is to properly handle diversity. And the leader’s role in this. The focus is on shaping culture, leadership and decision-making: how can we listen to the different perspectives, while also acting decisively and charting a course. That requires inclusive leadership with power and love. Campfires with actual conversations, with attention to the dialogue and debate, to harmony and conflict. You could also call it agile leadership.