oktober, 2022

27okt09:0017:00Leadership Forum Milaan met Marc Randolph, Carla Harris, Stephane Garelli, Daniel Pink en Jitske KramerGeorganiseerd door Performance Strategies

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The Leadership Forum – Turning Point

What happens when global events are so radical that they disrupt the international scenario, and jeopardize the world’s economic and productive structures?

We are at a turning point: leaders today have to take accountability for the need of acquiring all of the possible tools to face the ongoing conflictuality in markets and to rebuild te decision making process, which is becoming more and more complex; the tools to turn innovation into a real asset, and rebuild trust inside the organizations.

The tool to give the future a new direction.

How we can impact change at this turning point will be the focus of the Leadership Forum 2022, an event where people, experiences, ideas and visions meet to rethink the future of business together.

Every year, the Leadership Forum is a unique experience for leaders to be updated, get inspiration and do networking, thanks to the mix of knowledge and know-how coming from the most relevant world’s experts in the field of business, science, sport, management and culture.

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(Donderdag) 09:00 - 17:00




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